Clash of Clans: Life as a Barbarian 2… The Dark Troops

So you heard how the barracks was taken over by the elixir troops so now I am going to tell you about how it was taken over by the dark elixir troops.
First came the Minions. Who flew and threw black stuff. Who knows where it came from! He could fly.
Next came the Hog Rider. He could jump over walls. He targeted defenses. He hit things with his hammer.
After that came the Valkyrie. She had a spinning axe. She could target multi-towers if they were next to two towers at once.
Then came the Golem. He split into two when he died. He only attacked defences.
Next was the Witch. She shot energy beams from her hands and spawned skeletons.
After that came the Lava Hound he targeted the air defences and then targeted the defences. He splits into Lava Pups when he dies.
Then came the Bowler. He bounced a boulder on buildings. He attacked everything.
I guess that being weak isn’t that bad… as long as my village is SAFE.