The Missing Lunchbox

By:Jacob Tran and Rhys Edwards

        Once there was a guy named Mike who loved school he wore a sweatshirt and sneakers Mike had brown hair.  He was in the middle of math class and it was almost time for lunch. It was time for lunch and Mike was going to get his lunchbox and he couldn’t find it he was thinking about how he could find it but he couldn’t think of anything. He wondered where he could’ve left it. He remembered he left it in the bus!  What is he going to do? Mike had an idea.  He knew he would have to buy lunch he checked his left pocket, 5 dimes he checked his right pocket, 2 quarters “Is this enough money to buy lunch?” he thought to himself. “Is $1 enough for lunch?” he asked his best friend Bob in the lunch line “Yes!” said Bob “If you get the right food.” Mike wondered what Bob would have meant.  He got fish sticks, a cookie, and apple juice. Mike payed for his lunch and went out and sat down with Bob, Jimmy, and Emily.  After that day he kept $1 in his pocket every day just in case he lost his lunch.


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