Clash of Clans: Life as a Barbarian 2… The Dark Troops

So you heard how the barracks was taken over by the elixir troops so now I am going to tell you about how it was taken over by the dark elixir troops.
First came the Minions. Who flew and threw black stuff. Who knows where it came from! He could fly.
Next came the Hog Rider. He could jump over walls. He targeted defenses. He hit things with his hammer.
After that came the Valkyrie. She had a spinning axe. She could target multi-towers if they were next to two towers at once.
Then came the Golem. He split into two when he died. He only attacked defences.
Next was the Witch. She shot energy beams from her hands and spawned skeletons.
After that came the Lava Hound he targeted the air defences and then targeted the defences. He splits into Lava Pups when he dies.
Then came the Bowler. He bounced a boulder on buildings. He attacked everything.
I guess that being weak isn’t that bad… as long as my village is SAFE.


Clash of Clans

By:Jacob Tran

Hi I’m a Barbarian! People used to think I was great.
Then came along the archer. She stole my thunder! People said she was “So awesome!” Why? I mean, all she does is shoot stuff with a bow and arrow.
Then came the Giants. They target enemy defences and protect other warriors. So what if they have a lot of hitpoints
Then came the Goblins they steal loot. They were the least of my problems. Why would people like them? They steal they should just ask so that was good.
Then came the Wall Breakers they got other warriors in through the walls by breaking them.
Then came along the Balloons. They target enemy defences and attack from the air.
Then the Wizard he shot fireballs! Wait, no! He shoots Lightning, that’s even worse he is being used way too much.
Then the healer came she had a ring around her she shot heal and healed in area splash.
Then the Dragon came he breathed FIRE and was pretty cool.
Finally came the P.E.K.K.A. they wore armor. They also held ninja swords and were pretty powerful.
Then came the baby dragon he did 2X damage when he was alone in the air.
Then came the miner who dug underground and popped up in front of his targets but could not be attacked underground. He could dig under walls also.
I guess that being weak isn’t that bad… as long as my village is SAFE.

The Missing Lunchbox

By:Jacob Tran and Rhys Edwards

        Once there was a guy named Mike who loved school he wore a sweatshirt and sneakers Mike had brown hair.  He was in the middle of math class and it was almost time for lunch. It was time for lunch and Mike was going to get his lunchbox and he couldn’t find it he was thinking about how he could find it but he couldn’t think of anything. He wondered where he could’ve left it. He remembered he left it in the bus!  What is he going to do? Mike had an idea.  He knew he would have to buy lunch he checked his left pocket, 5 dimes he checked his right pocket, 2 quarters “Is this enough money to buy lunch?” he thought to himself. “Is $1 enough for lunch?” he asked his best friend Bob in the lunch line “Yes!” said Bob “If you get the right food.” Mike wondered what Bob would have meant.  He got fish sticks, a cookie, and apple juice. Mike payed for his lunch and went out and sat down with Bob, Jimmy, and Emily.  After that day he kept $1 in his pocket every day just in case he lost his lunch.